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New Work
Diamond Night #14 Crow's Playmates -
Flavia Coube, Paola Esposito, Ana Barbour
(Video still: Peter Glyn Jones)

Diamond Night 16
Diamond Night 16
Diamond Night 16
Diamond Night #16
'Kol Nidre' hand jive - Ayala Kingsley
'Live Forms' - Karen Goonewardene / Ayala Kingsley
'Betrayal' (Harold Pinter) - Robin Cooke
(Video stills: Peter Glyn Jones)


Explorations in performance

"Hats off to the Café Reason team this evening for conjuring up such arresting dream worlds…"
(Susie Crow)
Oxford Dance Writers review of Diamond Night #7

A series of occasional arts evenings, hosted by Café Reason, to bring uncut performance gems to a wider audience. Conceived by Jeannie Donald-McKim, Diamond Night is an informal platform for sharing new performance ideas, choreographies, experiments, and collaborations.

'Wow, that was brilliant', 'what a shame there weren't more people to see that' , 'that was as strong as any performance I've seen in quite a while'

So much great material gets created during class and rehearsal which never makes it into the final performance; we thought it was time it did. In order to offer these shining moments to a few more lucky people, Café Reason have decided to provide this platform for new ideas and explorations. It is an opportunity for us to share work with other interested artists and friends and to play, experiment, inspire and be inspired, feel uncomfortable, take risks and have fun.

Like most Café Reason productions, this event is organised collaboratively, with one or two group members at the helm. The platform is in itself a work in progress and we may try a variety of formats and contributions. Feedback welcome.

For the next Diamond Night, see Diary.

If you are interested in performing at the next Diamond Night, please get in touch - see Contacts page.

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