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mortimer hall
mortimer hall Saturday class at Mortimer Hall
(Photos: Robin Cooke/Michelle Azdajic)

Malcolm accompanying class
(Photo: Pier Corona)

Ana and Ayala in class
class at EOCC
Classes at EOCC
(Photos: Pier Corona/Emi Jozuka)

"It's as if my body, from its very core, returned to its starting point."

(Tatsumi Hijikata)


2nd Saturday of the month 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Mortimer Hall
Old Marston

4th Friday of the month, 7.30 – 9.30 pm
East Oxford Community Centre (upstairs)
Princes Street

For dates, please see below.

Curiosity (and a sense of wonder) is at the heart of butoh. Butoh practice is for those who want to rediscover their bodies and find new ways to inhabit their physical presence, both in performance and in everyday life.

Café Reason offers regular open classes and workshops. These sessions are suitable for all body types, ages, and levels of skill; no previous experience is necessary. We also welcome dance and performing art practitioners, as well as visual artists, and musicians. Classes are sometimes accompanied by live music, usually provided by Malcolm Atkins. (Malcolm has recorded his music from some recent Cafe Reason classes and uploaded it here.)

Participants will explore techniques and exercises to enhance their sensory awareness, stage presence, improvisation skills, and body–mind focus, as well as developing physical strength, control, and flexibility.

Saturday classes cost £15 and Friday classes £10. If you pay in advance, the cost is £12 and £8 respectively. Please arrive promptly.

Dates for 2018

January 13 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
January 26 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
February 10 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
February 23 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
March 10 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
March 23 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
April 14 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
April 27 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
May 12 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
May 25 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
June 9 (Saturday), 10.00–4.30, Mortimer Hall
June 22 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
July 14 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
July 27 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
August 11 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
August 24 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
September 8 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
September 28 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
October 13 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
October 26 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
November 10 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall
November 23 (Friday), 19.30-21.30, EOCC
December 8 (Saturday), 10.00–1.00, Mortimer Hall

Any class cancellations will be marked prominently on the diary page but these are rare.

For more information contact Ayala Kingsley.